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Medical DeviceODM / OEM Private Labeling

INOT Inc. is a company specializing in the sale and service of medical devices. We strive to provide our customers with the best medical devices based on the latest technology and professional knowledge.

Company Introduction

INOT Inc. is a company specializing in the sale and service of medical devices.

R&D Labs

Inot is medical device production and manufacturing laboratory. Our company pursues technological development and innovation in the medical device field and is highly trusted in the medical field at home and abroad.


Please contact us by email or phone. If you inquire by phone, you will be connected to a salesperson or counselor.

Medical Services

Our Products

Inot is a nationally recognized medical device production and manufacturing laboratory, leading development and innovation in the medical device field.






Dressing, Fluid-impermeable film & Sillicon Sheet







Hemostatics Dressing

Hemostatics Dressing

Hemostatics Dressing

Animal Medical Device

Animal Medical Device

Vet Line Medical device for Animal

Product inquiry

Inot conducts thorough quality control considering the safety, reliability, and performance of medical devices.

Online B2B Mall

MediSale is a specialized medical device shopping mall and an online platform that sells a variety of medical devices and related products.

MediSale is doing its best to provide customers with a convenient and safe medical device purchasing experience. You can find various types of medical devices. There are a variety of products ranging from diagnostic equipment for medical staff to therapeutic devices to help patients and household goods needed for health management.

Medical consumables for hospitals

From diagnostic equipment for medical staff, therapeutic devices to help patients, and prescriptions needed for medical management.

Medical equipment store supplies

Products for sale in stores, such as blood sugar meters

Welfare care products

Nursing care products such as wheelchairs

Medisale Only

Products available only at Medisale

Online Mall For Hospital

Meditop is a specialized platform that sells a variety of medical supplies and consumables needed by hospitals and medical institutions.

MediTop strives to improve the work efficiency of medical staff and help patients receive safe treatment by providing high-quality products and a convenient purchasing experience.

  • MD for Hospital

    Meditop provides products in various categories including medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumables.

  • Instrument

    There are numerous brands and different types of products to choose from, and we provide search and filtering functions to conveniently find the products you need.

  • Human Figure

    You can check detailed information and user reviews about the product, helping you make a reliable purchasing decision.

  • Health Care Nursing

    Meditop is a medical supplies shopping mall that quickly and efficiently provides necessary products to medical staff and hospital staff and provides a safe and convenient purchasing experience.

Best Medical & Healthcare

Inot Inc. focuses on the production and manufacturing of various medical devices through collaboration of excellent researchers.

Inot Inc. research lab is also putting a lot of effort into research to improve the efficiency and convenience of medical devices by utilizing new technologies and materials. Through this, we are supporting medical staff to provide more accurate and faster diagnosis and treatment.

Development of new medical devices

Granted 2023 Innobiz certification

MD OEM ODM Manufacturing

Recognized as an excellent venture company as a technology innovation company

Granted 2023 manufacturing GMP

Obtained GMP with excellent manufacturing capabilities

Cooperation with domestic and overseas research and development institutions

Medical device research university and hospital partners

Inot is open to new suggestions.

Inot is conducting continuous technological exchange and collaboration through cooperation with various research institutes and medical device manufacturers at home and abroad.

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