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About Inot

INOT Inc. Medical Device Specialist Company

INOT inc. possesses a diverse range of medical devices, and we are dedicated to assisting healthcare professionals in providing accurate and prompt diagnoses and treatments to patients.

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2023 ISO13485:2016

Medical Divice 2023 ISO13485:2016 Granted

2023 Certificate of GMP

Inot CO.,LTD
Name of Manufacturer : Huizhou foryou medical Device Co.,Ltd

2023 INNOBIz Granted

Innobiz has been confirmed as a technology innovation company.

Inot History

INOT INC. History

Has the ability to perform independent and effective work in the medical device field. Innote is able to perform the highest level of work in the medical device field based on its experience and expertise.


Obtained manufacturing GMP (extension)
Obtained ISO13485 manufacturing
Venture business recognition certificate
Innobiz technology innovative company certification
the new product Inoscagel, Vet Collagen, and 20 other types


Obtained manufacturing GMP (extension)
Obtained ISO13485 manufacturing
Venture business recognition certificate
Innobiz technology innovative company certification


Skagel Combination (Scar Ointment) - Distribution
Stretch Marks (Stretch Mark Cream) - Distributor
Temperature reduction receptive pack for blood donation and intravenous fluids
- Patent submission


Decalcitic acid (over-the-counter drug) - Distributor
Scar Mom (liquid band) - Distributor
Liquid medicine dispensing container - patent
ASAP medical latex gloves - imported
Innocompression Band - Imported
Dream socks (moisturizing silicone socks) - imported


AD-Cut (Anti-adhesion Adjuvant) - Distributor
Urine drainage bag (Urine drainage bags collect urine) OEM
Inoskin Closure – strip type (The Polypropylene hasps is adjustable) OEM
Inoskin closure system (The Polypropylene hasps is adjustable) OEM
Inostapler (Disposable Skin Stapler) OEM
Three Balls Spirometer – ( normal breathing restored trainings) - Distributor
Name Band - Distributor


Mesh Bond (Skin Closure System) - participate development
INOSTOP (Hemostatic Gauze) - Distributor
CONJURAN (Sodium Polynucleotide, PN) – Distributor
Inocombest (Bioactive glass and sodium hyaluronate) - participate development
EXO-SORB (Absorbable Skin Stapler) - Distributor

2018 년

3A+Ject (Filter Needle Syringe) Import and Distributor
Tendoregen(Tissue Supplements of Collagen ) Distributor
INOSTA (Compression Bandage) manufacture
INOSAFE (Powder-free Latex Gloves) manufacture
INOGRAM (Tissue Supplement Ate loco) manufacture
INOTISS (Collagen Wound Dressing with gentamicin ) manufacture
Scargen ( Film Dressing ) Distributor


Stanch (Kaolin Hemostatic Dressing) - participate development
Pet Glue (Animal Skin Adhesive) Distributor
Rexious (Spine Fixation System) Distributor


INOT CO.,Ltd Establishment
EZ-FIX (Drain Tube Holder) - participate development and sales
Healfine (Dressing, Secondary treatment) - Participate development
Wisederm (Hyaluronic Acid) Distributor
Tissue Aid (High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive) Distributor

Inot is pursues partnerships that can coexist.

Inot Inc. has a variety of medical devices, handles only high-quality products, and consists of products that have been certified domestically and internationally.

Additionally, we consider customer satisfaction our top priority even after product sales. Our A/S team, comprised of experts, not only quickly resolves problems that arise during product use, but also promises continuous support to customers through regular maintenance and training programs.

Inot Inc. is also committed to continuous research and development in the medical device field. We aim to create a better treatment environment in the medical field by identifying the latest technological trends and developing new products and technologies.

Inot Inc. Co., Ltd., which puts customer satisfaction and safety first, is achieving steady growth based on reliability and performance in the medical device field. We will continue to do our best to provide better products and services.

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